Luxury With A Conscious

Women Empowerment
 The crafts and textile industry are the second largest employer's after agriculture in the developing world, the largest percentage of this workforce being women.  Empowering and investing in women has a additory bonus, as they are likely to spend their income on their children and families, on education, health and nutrition, bringing long term positive change and prosperity to local communities.
Artisan Craft

"Drawing inspiration globally whilst creating locally" Masego aims to preserve and promote the traditions of local artisans, we pride ourselves on being a socially responsible label as well as an advocate for slow fashion.

Our products are 100% locally made in Ghana situated on the coast of West Africa. We make sure that all of our beads and materials are sourced from local producers.

Serious attention to detail  has been lavished on these beautiful hand made  accessories and we maintain control over every stage of the design and production process to ensure that the end result is imbued with the magic of the brand so that they are a true treasure to each customer.


Waste Minimisation

It is important for us to manage our production so that we reduce on waste, this is why most of our products are made to order as we only hold a small number of stock. This means only the materials needed to make your items are used, nothing more, nothing less!